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If you are looking for an online, cloud-based archive extractor, please try:

Scopr XBow Server

As a guest XBow Server user you are welcome to upload and process as many files as you wish. Guest user processing limits:

  • Maximum extraction depth: 3
  • Maximum extracted file size: 250,000 bytes
  • Maximum items per depth: 50
  • Maximum processing time: 10 seconds

For a sampling of the output you can expect from Scopr XBow Server, please see what some common FTP sites look like after having been processed by Scopr XBow Server:

Expanded FTP Site Listings

For the current list of automated FTP site processing contributions provided by Scopr XBow Server Screen Saver users, please see:

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  • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.1000
    • Added support for inline processing extracted URLs.
    • Added options to control the maximum number of URLs processed per object and per object chain.
    • Added button to clear user's HTTP/FTP cache.
    • Added logic to prevent recursive URL processing loops.
    • Added extraction of ftp:// and sftp:// URLs.
    • Added username and password support for FTP URLs.
    • Added link to VirusTotal graph in SHA-256 column.
  • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.998
    • Added xid option -m to scan all processed files with Mimecast AntiMalware Cloud Scan.
    • Extract all extractable OLESS streams up to the point where the FAT chain is invalid/broken rather than aborting the entire extraction process.
    • Added Depth column to HTML output.
    • Added support for cloud scan URL options in xbowddd.ini: MimecastCloudScanURL1 and MimecastCloudScanURL2.
    • Added .vba as an allowed extension for XBOW_TYPE_VBSCRIPT.
  • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.997
    • Improved extraction of hex objects from RTF files.
    • Improved URL extraction.
    • Added option to show/hide extracted URLs in HTML view.
    • Added PDF details.
    • Added extraction of embedded images from PDF files.
  • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.996
    • Added URL extraction from TEXT, HTML, MIME bodies, and some XML files.
    • Improved how encryption keys are shown in object details.
    • Minimum length of automatically discovered encryption keys reduced from 4 to 3 characters.
    • Upgraded liblzma and XZUtils to 5.2.3.
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.995
      • Added Microsoft InternetShortcut .url file type identification with associated target URL extracted as a detail.
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.992
      • Improved ISO-14496 file type identification.
      • Added DDS, INDD, MPP, VCF, VSD, and VSDX file type identification.
      • Improved base64 extraction.
      • Improved hex extraction.
      • Fixed ZIP AES-encrypted+stored file extraction.
      • Upgraded 7zip engine to LZMA SDK 18.01.
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.990
      • DDS, INDD, MOV/QT, OLESS:MPP, VCF, OLESS:VSD, ZIP:VSDX file type identification.
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.980
      • Added Mach-O, Mach-O Universal Binary, BALZ, EGG, ISZ, LZ4X, PEA, ZPAQ, ZIP:HWP, ZIP:IPA, and ZIP:XPS file type identification.
      • Added EGG file extraction engine.
      • Improved UUE and XXE extraction engines.
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.950
      • Added extraction of VBA scripts from OLESS documents.
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.910
      • Added "Show Activity" button on "My Account" page. Shows statistics for all files processed by your user account.
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.900
      • ARM Image Format (.aif), AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format (.dxf), Audio Interchange File Format (.aiff), Audio Interchange File Format - Compressed (.aifc), Packet Capture (.pcap), and True Type Font (.ttf) file type identification.
      • Added Content-Transfer-Encoding to extracted MIME object's details as "encoding".
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.800
      • Microsoft Icon/Cursor (.ico/.cur) file type identification and extraction engine.
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.700
      • AxCrypt (.axx), Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (.dcm), iCalendar (.ics), vCalendar (.vcs), TIFF (.tif), and AutoCAD Drawing (.dwg) file type identification.
      • File sub-type identification for new ZIP-based PowerPoint, Excel, and Word file formats (e.g. .pptx, .xlsx, .docx).
      • File sub-type identification for Java Archives (.jar).
      • Text engine extracts hex-encoded sequences of 32 bytes or more (e.g. "090AF0FF...").
      • Text engine extracts Base64-encoded embedded objects out of HTML.
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.610
      • Added Nested Container Extensions (NCE) path to object details.
      • Added support for displaying UTF-8 object names.
      • Added option to show the encryption key/password for encrypted objects.
      • Infected objects are highlighted with a red background in the HTML view.
      • Upgraded RAR engine to the unrar 5.5.7 source code level.
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.540
      • Extract base64-encoded pkg:binaryData objects out of XML documents.
      • Two new output formats:
        1. JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
        2. HTML Zoomable Bubble Graph
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.530
      • Lzip and LZMA file extraction engines.
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.520
      • PHP Archive (PHAR) file extraction engine.
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.510
      • ActiveMime, Snappy, WARC, XZ, XXE and ACE v2 file extraction engines.
      • Password-protected ACE and Microsoft Office document extraction.
      • Automatic decryption of password-protected mail attachments if the password is found within the body of the mail message.
      • New per-user options:
        • Extract text from Microsoft Word documents.
        • Extract text from PDF documents.
        • Redact sensitive information from MIME message header fields.
        • Redact the MIME message body.
        • Redact all MIME message attachments.
      • Embedded HTML img src base64 object extraction.
      • Javascript file type identification
      • Javascript, Python, VBScript, and Perl script extraction out of Windows Script File (WSF) XML documents.
    • Scopr XBow Server 5.0.371
      • ALZip, LHA, RTF, TNEF, UIF, and ISO 9660 CD/DVD image extraction.
      • Password-protected 7Zip extraction.

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