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Paul Puttonen

President and Chief Executive Officer

Paul is a 25-year veteran software engineer/architect/manager of the security software industry. Paul was instrumental in the success of the security businesses and software products at Symantec, PestPatrol, Computer Associates, Total Defense, iSheriff, and Mimecast. Over the years Paul has pioneered and developed many technological advances including the iSheriff Multiscanner Service, the iSheriff Cloud Scanner, the CA Posture Validation Server for Network Admission Control, Decomposer (Symantec's archive extraction SDK), SmartLock (Symantec's patented on-the-fly per-file encryption/decryption system), and BootLock (Symantec's pre-OS authentication technology).

Scopr and its XBow technology is Paul's first entrepreneurial endeavor that clearly demonstrates Paul's vision and passion for security software that is not only easy to use, but enables new heights of productivity and visibility at the same time.